About Us

The 52home project began on our girltalk blog as a daily picture of ordinary home life: 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year. We girltalkers love the home, and a big part of our mission is to encourage and cheer you on as you love and serve and sacrifice for the people in your home. Thus the purpose of the 52home project: a daily reminder to see the glory peeking out from behind the ordinary.

Ever since we launched in March of 2010, we received numerous requests for permission to re-print Janelle’s pictures. This gave us an idea—why not extend the benefit of 52home so that you can enjoy these photos, as well as other pictures Janelle has created, in your very own home. It took some convincing to get Janelle to agree, but after many months we’re finally ready to unveil 52home@home, for your home.

Now you can enjoy these pictures as you come in your front door, wash dishes at your kitchen sink, walk down your hallway, or rock your baby to sleep. By bringing the 52home project into your home, we hope you will see your own ordinary, yet glorious life in these pictures, that you’ll glimpse the faithfulness of God that undergirds his faithful ones, and that you’ll see reflections of the eternal in the everyday.

We hope to make you smile at home.

Enjoy the 52home collections!