Lg Alphabet Photography


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Janelle has traveled far and wide to exotic locations taking pictures of letters and numbers on signs, old buildings, need a few more. OK, ok, you know her better than that. Actually, she's tooled around the suburbs in her minivan until her kids start screaming in the backseat looking for letters wherever she can find them. And more than once she's begged Mike to pull the car over on their way to church or date night because she's spotted a new letter on the side of a building or the back of a car.

Each letter is unique and has a (funny!) story to tell. Put them side by side and you get an artsy, creative way to display your family name for all who enter your home.

Customize your Found Letter Poster with your last name and the year you were married, or use your first name and the year you were born. Ideal for a wedding gift, baby gift, or a just-because-I-love-my-home gift.